ALL About Me?  ...Ann NG

I started real estate in 2012.  7 years down the road and I am still passionate about what I am doing.  The love of helping people and meeting people from all walk of life makes this career very interesting and fulfilling.  Some of those who I met became closed friends (I treasure them). Most greatly, I wanted to thank them for their supports through this uneven journey.  They made my days.  Although there are some nasty and ungrateful people I met, these people upset me a lot simply because they only care for themselves, they put themselves in higher level because they feel they have that power and money.  Through this years, I laughed, I teared but I picked up and carried on...

Cos I am only going to be stronger!

I graduated with diploma in Marketing Management and a degree in Business Management.  (TOP my cohort in special studies).  Experience is still my best teacher.  


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